How to Recover Contacts from Broken Android Phone

The most annoying thing for Android users might be losing their contacts from their Android phone with broken screen, which is really a big headache to recover the data.But now,Android Data Recover has come to rescue.


Question: How do I recover data from my broken Samsung S6, which was heavily dropped to the groud by my little cousin? The screen is totally cracked and I need to recover the files, especially my contacts from it. Can you help? - Joe

Are you suffering the same problem as well? When your Andriod phone doesn't work, you must be thinking about whether the data inside still survive. May you keep the habit of backing up everything once a week. If not, you lost your essential documents, photo memories, music, video, and your important contacts. I know how it feels like after your phone's screen broke up and you have no backups on your PC or other places. But fortunately, you have met Android Data Recovery, and then you'll be able to retrieve your data from broken Android phone within a few clicks.

To get back your contacts, Android Data Recovery is the most ideal recovery helper for you. It helps to extract and scan out all the files without any quality loss. You are allowed to preview all the details before you decide to retrieve them. In addition, no matter your phone is Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, Motorola, Lenovo, etc. The program enables you to recover the lost data, including contacts, SMS, photos, music, videos and more. Now let's follow the steps to get back your contacts from your broken Android phone with ease.

How to Recover Contacts from Broken Android Phone

  Step 1  : Launch Android Data Recovery

First and foremost, please download and install the program on your PC, then run it. In the main window, click “Data Extraction (Damaged Device)”.

  Step 2  : Select File Types

Next, select the types of files to scan for. In this case, you need to tick “Contacts” and then tap on “Next” to go on.

  Step 3  : Choose the State of Phone

Since the screen of your Android phone is broken, you need to choose “Broken Screen” in this step.

  Step 4  : Select the Model of the Broken Phone

In this section, please select the model of the broken device. If you’re not sure, you can click “How to Confirm the device model” to get the answer.

  Step 5  : Enter the Download Mode

Once you finished the above steps, just enter the download mode. Meanwhile, connect your phone to your PC. Then follow the instructions on the screen of your PC.

  Step 6  : Extract Contacts on your Broken Phone

Lastly, Android Data Recovery will analyze your Android phone automatically. After scanning, your Android contacts will be displayed in the interface. So now it’s high time to select the contacts you want to recover and then just tap on “Recover”.


Perfect! That's the solution to the problem like "How to recover contacts from broken Android phone", "How to backup my contacts when the screen of Android phone is broken", etc. Android Data Recovery makes data recovering a breeze. You can then move these recovered contacts to your new Android device and you never have to miss a beat, simply go back to communicating with your friends, family and colleagues as easily as you did before.