How to Restore Data from Broken Samsung Phones

How to restore data from my broken phone? It is one of the most common questions inquired by Samsung users. Coincidentally, the answer is right in this article.


Guide: How to Restore Data from Broken Samsung Phones

Step 1. Run the Program and Scan Device

To begin with, download the software and install it on computer. After launching the program, you will enter the main interface. Hit the "scan it" button besides the "Recover Data from Broken Phone" option.

Scan Device

Step 2. Choose the Needed Files and Broken Types

You will then enter the interface where you can choose which kind of files to be scanned. Tick all the files you need and hit the "Next" button to continue.


Then come to the interface to choose the broken type. If the touch screen can't be used or can't enter the phone system, click the left option. If the phone is still running, but the screen gets black, hit the right button.

Broken Phone

Step 3. Enter the "Download mode"

Firstly select the model of you broken device. (Click "How to confirm the device model" if you have no idea what model your phone is.) Then have your phone entered the "Download mode".
For touch screen not working, follow the guide below to enter "Download mode".
1. Power off your Samsung device
2. Press and hold Volume down, Power and Home button.
3. Press the Volume up button.

Select Model

Download Mode

For the black screen situation, you can follow these steps.
1. Hit the "Start" button.
2. A countdown display on phone screen
3. Tap the "Start" again to next.

Black Screen Situation

Step 4. Analyze the Broken Device and Recover Data on It

After the phone gets into the "Download mode", the software will begin analyzing and downloading recovery package. The package will then scan all the files you ticked before in your phone. And what you need to do is to tick the item in the left column to check those files and hit "Recover" to restore them.


Restore Data

The passage had showed you how to recover data from broken Samsung phone in an easy way with the help of Android Data Recovery. For more details of the software, just download the software and have a try.