How to Recover Deleted Texts from Huawei

With the help of Android Data Recovery, this article will show you how to restore deleted messages from Huawei in an easy and effective way. Have a try!


Guide: How to Restore Deleted Messages from Huawei

Step 1. Connect Huawei Cellphone to the Computer

To begin with, download and install the software on your computer and then run the program. After the software is available, connect your Huawei device to your computer by the USB cable.


Step 2. Enable USB Debugging

You need to turn on your USB debugging for further recovery. The window will have several Android versions for you to choose, just choose the one for your phone and follow the guide below to enable USB debugging.

USB Debugging

Step 3. Scan for Deleted Data

After successfully connect the two devices, the program will then detect your phone automatically. Click the "Start" button on the window and the program will start scanning the data on your phone.
There are several types of file for you to choose, you can simply choose the one you want or select all.
Note: More than 20% charged phone battery is needed for scanning.

File Type


Step 4. Recover Deleted Texts from Huawei 

In a few seconds, the scan will finish and all the data will be listed on the interface. Data in red letters are the deleted. Finally, just preview and tick the items you need and click "Recover" button to recover them on your computer.


Okay! The above passage had showed you how to recover deleted message texts from Android, it is very simply and easy to handle. For detail information of the software, you can download the software and have a try.