How to Get/Extract Photos from iCloud to Android

You may know how to transfer data from iPhone to Android, but if I ask how to get photos from iCloud to Android, do you still have the answer? No? Then this article will tell you.


iPhone users always need to sync shooted photos to iCloud for various reasons, for example, to free up some storage space, to reserve precious memories, or to backup them in case of loss. But once they want to take the plunge into Android, they may get confused about how to transfer photos from iCloud to Android. To tell the truth, this is a common thread among most mobile users. Well, folks, just put your minds at ease. We are here to help. This article will show you 2 ways on how to transfer/extract/export/get photos from iCloud to Android devices.

Part 1: Extract iCloud Phots to Android with Photo Stream

Part 2: Transfer iCloud Photos to Android using Phone Transfer

  Part 1: Extract iCloud Phots to Android with Photo Stream  

One of the most common ways to get photos from iCloud to Android is to use the iCloud Photo Stream. To do so, please follow the steps below:

  Step 1  : Enable iCloud on you iPhone. Go to Settings > Photo Stream and turn it on. Download the Control Panel for iCloud on your OC from the address:

  Step 2  : After downloading the Control Panel on your PC, enable the Sync feature. Once connected to the Internet, All the photos taken on your iPhone will automatically get transferred to your PC. Remember to keep a track of the folder in which these photos were downloaded.

  Step 3  Connect the Android device to your PC using a USB Cable. Transfer all photos that were downloaded on the PC into the Photos folder of your Android device.

Actually, this method has some limitations. As you may know, iCloud offers users with a maximum of 5GB as storage space and the Photo Stream service only backs up the last 1000 photos, which can drain out quickly. So if you have more than 1000 photos in the Camera Roll folder, you need to turn to Phone Transfer for help in Part 2.

  Part 2: Transfer iCloud Photos to Android using Phone Transfer  

Phone Transfer is a very beneficial tool that allows you to transfer iCloud photos to your Android device by simply clicking a button. It can be download to your PC and is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. It not only empowers you to get all your iCloud photos to Android, but also enables you to export all of your contacts, music, call logs, SMS, and videos, too! The following guidance will walk you through a serious of steps to show you transfer iCloud photos to Android:

  Step 1  : Download and Launch Phone Transfer

To begin with, please install this program on your PC. Then run it to continue.

  Step 2  : Connect your device and Sign in to iCloud

After plugging your Android phone to the PC, it will be detected and displayed in the Destination box. Then you need to sign in to your iCloud account in the left column. After that, check the box in front of the iOS device to backup your iCloud files.

  Step 3  : Start to Transfer your photos to Android

Lastly, please select “Photos” in the middle column, then tap on “Start Copy” to begin the transferring. To avoid repetition, you may click the “Clear data before copy” before the copying process.

OK! After reviewing the above methods, I think you must have a definite answer to photo transferring from iCloud to Android. Just choose the way that's right for you.

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