How to Fix iPhone Error 4005 Easily

It is very annoying that your iPhone get stuck in error 4005 and the data on it can't be restored. So this article is going to help you deal with the problem.


Guide: How to Fix iPhone Error 4005 Easily

Step 1. Make the Program Available and Choose the Recovery Mode

To begin with, you need to download the software on your computer and install and run the program. Then the main interface will show itself and offer several modes for you to choose. Just click the "iOS System Recovery" and go on.

Fix Recovery

Step 2. Connect Your iPhone to the Computer

Make sure to check for the most suitable port and connect your phone to the computer with the USB cable. Just wait for a few seconds and the program will automatically detect it. Then just click "Start" to continue.

Step 3. Download the Latest Version of iOS Device

Then a screen will appear showing you the detailed information of your iOS device. If the information is correct, just click the "Download" to download the latest version of firmware. If not, rectify it first. The download will take you a few seconds, so just be patient.


Step 4. Fix the iPhone Error 4005

After the installation of the latest firmware, the program will again automatically detect your device. The restoring process will be ready to begin and then it will begin to get your iOS device back to normal state. The whole process will finish in less than 10 minutes.


After the guide above, do you know how to fix your iPhone error 4005 now? It is actually very easy with the help of the effective software. For more details of the software, you can download the software and have a try.