How to Easily Fix Error 9 on iPhone

Error 9 on iPhone is one of the systematical problems that are difficult to fix. But now with the help of the Fix recovery, it will not bother you again.


Guide: How to Fix iTunes Error 9 on iPhone

Step 1. Launch the Program and Select the Feature

To begin with, download the Fix Recovery on your computer and launch the program. On the interface of the program, there are several features for you to choose, just click the "iOS System Recovery". Then hit "Start".

iPhone Error 9

Fix Tool

Step 2. Download the Latest Version of Firmware

The latest firmware is needed in order to fix a faulty operating system. So you need to follow the suggestion and entrust the program to download it by simply click "Download".


Step 3. Return the System to Normal

After the installation of the firmware, the program will then ready to fix the error on your phone. Follow the instructions showed on the window and wait patiently for a few seconds. Finally, the system will be fixed to normal and you can then use your device.

Wait for Minute

The article above is a simple guide for you to fix the error 9 on your iPhone, it is effective and easy to handle. Besides, with the help of Fix Recovery, you can handle other systematical problems on your device and even more, you can recover your lost data. For detailed information, just download the software and have a try.