How to Recover iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode without any data loss

When you're downgrading your iOS and suddenly your device gets stuck in DFU mode. Facing the black screen, we can not do anything but worry about the lost data? of course no way! iPhone Data Recovery can help us out in simple ways.


"Recently I found that iOS 10 is not suitable for me at all, so after much consideration, I made up my mind to downgrade my iOS 10 software back to iOS 9.3.2 on my iPhone. And I have to say that it is definitely a bad luck when you are downgrading your iOS and suddenly your screen gets black and you couldn't turn the device on or force it to restart. What' wrong with my iPhone? And what should I do?"

After googled in the Internet, I realized that my iPhone was stuck in DFU mode. Actually we need to enter DFU mode when we downgrade our iOS, or the iOS device are stuck in white Apple logo screen and couldn' work normally, or you want to jailbreak our iOS device. But even I know what is DFU mode, I still confused about how to make it. Since it's really a complex process, and once I operate in a wrong way, some unexpected problems may occur to my iPhone, I do not want to see this result. Fortunately, the magic comes from a special software - iPhone Data Recovery. Now I will show you the steps about how to exit iPhone DFU mode and Recover your iPhone without any data loss. 

Before going on, there are three things you need to know:

1. After repairing, the iOS would update to the latest version.

2. If your iPhone has been jailbroken before, it would be restored to non-jailbroken statu.

3. Unlocked network will be re-locked.

    Step 1   Install iPhone Data Recovery and Run it

Firstly, Please download and install iPhone Data Recovery on your PC. Then launch this program.

    Step 2   Connect your iOS Device to the PC

In this part, you need to click "More tools> iOS System Recovery" on the interface of this program and get your iOS device connected to your PC via USB. Once the program detect your device, please click "Confirm" to continue.

     Step 3   Confirm iOS Model and Download the Matching Firmware

iPhone Data Recovery will detect your iOS Model automatically and you could confirm the information displayed on the interface. Once it fails to read or the information is not matched, you can choose the right one from the combo box.

Then tap the blue button "Repair".

   Step 4    Recover Device Stuck in DFU Mode

This program will repair the iOS system and you can see the interface as below if the recovery is to the end. Now you can turn to your iOS device to check whether it will boot up or not. If not, please try to repair again. If you still fails, maybe you need to contact the local Apple Store and ask for professional help.

That's all. With the help of iPhone Data Recovery, you are able to recover your iOS device without any data loss when stuck in DFU mode. So easy and effective. Just press the "Download" button and have a try.

It won't let you down.

(PS: For your important data, I suggest that you'd betted back up your data and files more often.)