[Solved] iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

How to get iPhone out of recovery mode? A newly developed function in Fix Recovery can help you fix the problem easily.


Part 1: Get iPhone out of Recovery Mode without Restoring Your iPhone

Part 2: Fix "iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode" with iTunes

Part 1: Get iPhone out of Recovery Mode without Restoring Your iPhone

When talking to how to get iPhone out of Recovery Mode, most of us probably think of using iTunes to fix the problem. But we cannot ignore the drawback. There is a risk of losing data, because all data on your iPhone will be erased after fixing your iPhone. There is one more simple and time-saving method getting your iPhone out of recovery mode. All you need is to download a Fix Recovery, which will help you fix "iPhone stuck in recovery mode" with two steps and prevent any data loss. Just have a try!

2 Simple Steps to Get iPhone out of Recovery Mode without Data Loss

Step 1. Download Fix Recovery and install it on your computer.
Step 2. Run Fix Recovery and connect your iPhone to PC. Then the program will detect your iPhone, saying it is not in normal mode. Then click "iOS System Recovery" to fix the problem. See! It's pretty easy.

iPhone Recovery Mode Stuck

Fix Errors for Getting out of Recovery Mode

I've got an error message warning me "The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred" when I tried to connect my iPhone with my computer. What's the error? How can I fix this problem?

There may be an error in the operating system on your iPhone. But don't worry. Fix Recovery has developed a new function called "iOS System Recovery" will restore your iPhone into normal operating mode. Click "iOS System Recovery" in the main window of Fix Recovery and do what it tells you to do to fix the operating system. If it successfully fix the operating system, it will tells you. After then, you just need to wait your iPhone to restart.

Part 2: Fix "iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode" with iTunes.

Using iTunes to get your iPhone out of looping recovery mode is convenient despite of the risk of data loss. This introduction will guide you to restore your iPhone to factory settings bu using iTunes.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable.

Step 2. iTunes will detect your iPhone and a message box will pop up saying that your iPhone is in recovery mode and you need to restore it. Just click to restore it. That's all.

If the message box doesn't pop up, you need to power off your iPhone. Then press the "Home" button. When your iPhone turns on, keep pressing "Home" button until iTunes pops up the message.

Note: Do not forget to backup your data on your iPhone. All data will be erased by this means. So if you make a backup, after fixing your iPhone, you can restore data back to your iPhone. If you find any data lost, try the function of "recovering data from device/iTunes/iCloud" of Fix Recovery to save your data.