How Can I Recover Data from My Broken iPhone

Have you ever had your iPhone damaged or broken? iPhone data recovery supports to recover your important data even you didn't make any backup in advance. Here are the detailed guides. Please read on!


What a frustrating thing when your iPhone goes broken badly or dead. Your first call might be to the Apple store, or any other reputable dealer. This is probably the best source for the best advice. However, before you do that, you should know that they will probably not give retrieval of your data the highest priority, they will be more concerned with the hardware, and you can soon find that everything which is precious to you, has been lost. True? Aside from all the money you have paid for it, the anxiety over all of the data you have just lost will certainly make an appearance in your concerns. Family photos, reminders, contacts, notes, and text messages, etc. Worst of all, you didn't make any data backup before your iPhone gets broken or damaged. What should you do then?

Well don't worry! You still have a chance to recover data from your broken iPhone with a third-party tool. Here you can rely one iPhone Data Recovery. The software is qualified to retrieve data from broken iPhone with simple clicks. No complicated tech skill is needed. Futhermore, this program fully supports iPhone 7(plus), iPhone 6s(plus), iPhone SE and the latest iOS 10/9. Let's have a look at the steps below to restore data from your broken iPhone.

How to Recover your data Directly

                  From a Broken iPhone

Step 1 : Download, Install and Run.

To begin with, Please download and launch iPhone Data Recovery. Then connect your iPhone to the PC via USB.

Step 2 : Select "iOS Data Backup & Restore"

As the interface shows, Now you need to click on the "iOS Data Backup & Restore".

Step 3 : Choose the Data you want to recover

In this part, iPhone data recovery will detect your iPhone automatically and then you can select the types of information that you want to get back. You need to be patient because the process would take a few minutes.

Step 4 : Click "Backup" as is shown above.

Step 5 : Click "Export to PC".

In this situation, there is only one choice you must take. That is, since the health of your iPhone is at risk, you should not rely on it, honestly it's better to choose "Export to PC" for the sake of your important data.

Now you can follow the above step-by-step tutorials to recover data from your broken iPhone! It's extremely helpful, so don't hesitate to have a try!

By the way, iPhone Data Recovery can be also used to extract iTunes backup data. In this case, you can get your data on broken iPhone via previous iTunes backup if you have an available one. You can make it by clicking "Recover from iTunes Backup" in the very first step.