Methods to Recover Deleted Facebook Pictures/Videos on iOS

Accidently delete all your Facebook and videos and don't know what to do? No worries! This article will introduce an excellent recovery tool for you and solve your problem with ease, just read on!


"Yesterday I was tidying up my iPhone 6s because there is only little space left. I started with the pictures and videos from Facebook since all these media files are large in size and moving them to my iCloud will stop my iPhone 6s from getting slower and slower temporarily. But when I ticked all the selected photos and videos, I made a big mistake, that is, I cleared them with one click! Help! Is anyone can help me? I do want to get them back! Thanks!"

Well! It's an extremely commom phenomenon that happens everywhere. But we don't need to cry for the delete pictures and videos from Facebook, iPhone Data Recovery will come out to help us!

iPhone Data Recovery - an Expert to recover the deleted Facebook data 

With the help of this program, we are able to get back all the deleted data from Facebook, including pictures, videos, chat data and other attachments even you don't backup them before.

To get more details, please follow the tutorials below.

   Step 1   Install iPhone Data Recovery

First of all, please download and install iPhone Data Recovery on your PC. After the installation, you can see the below interface. You will be asked to connect your iOS device to the computer via the USB cable.

    Step 2    Choose Data Types to Scan

After getting your iOS device connected to the PC, you can now choose the recovery mode. "Recover from iOS Device", "Recover from iTunes backup file" and "Recover from iCloud backup file" are provided for you to choose. What you need to choose is "Recover from iOS Device" and then the supported data types will be listed in the interface, including "Messages & Attachments", "WhatsApp & Attachment", "Messenger & Attachments", "Contacts", "Call History", "Calendar & Reminder" and "App Photos", etc. Just choose "Messenger & Attachments" and then tap on the "Start" button.

    Step 3     Preview and Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Media Files

Now it's the right time to get back the deleted Facebook pictures and videos. Only several minutes, all the data( including the existing ones and the deleted ones.) on your iPhone will be detected and listed in the interface. Preview and pick up all those photos and videos you want to recover from "Messenger Attachments" list. After it, you can complete the recovery with one click.

That' all! As you can see, recovering deleted Facebook photos and videos is just a piece of cake for iPhone Data Recovery! Mighty and handy, why not just give it a try!

If there are still something unclear, please feel free to let us know by leaving a message, Thank you so much!