How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone without iTunes or iCloud Backup

Your iPhone noted are lost or deleted accidentally, which haven't been backuped in advanve. What should you do? Now iPhone data recovery, a professional recovery tool works for get back everything on your iPhone, of course includes your important deleted iPhone notes.


iPhone makes taking notes anytime and anywhere possible. So as you can see around, iPhone users tend to use Note app to record a series of routines and daily schedules, which really makes our daily life work in a planned way, and from which we benifit a lot. And the longer we spend on these notes, the more important the notes will be. So once we losing them or delete them accidentally due to device crash, iOS upgrade, a failed jailbreak or other unknown reasons, we may be at a loss and hurry on to seek a efficient and secure way to recover the lost notes on iPhone.

When it comes to get back the deleted iPhone notes, the first thought comes into our mind is via iTunes or iCloud backup. But what if you didn't make any backup in advance or even you have made some data backup previously but unfortunately the iTunes or iCloud backup doesn't contain the notes that you want to get back? Well, if you're right stuck in this situation, you need to turn to a professional recovery assistant - iPhone Data Recovery, which empower you to recover your deleted notes as well as music, photos, videos, contacts,etc from your iPhone without iTunes or iCloud backup.

Now please follow the tutorial below to recover your deleted notes.

How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone

                      without iTunes or iCloud Backup

Step 1 : Download and install iPhone Data Recovery on your PC and connect your iPhone to PC via USB.

Step 2 : Select "Rocover from iOS Device, then click on the Right Arrow to start to scan your iPhone.

Step 3 : As the interface shows, Now please select "Note", tick the "Only list deleted", then you can choose the notes you want to get back. Next, tap on "To iDevice" to get them to your iPhone or "To Computer" to download them to your PC.

One thing deserves to be mentioned is that iPhone Data Recovery can directly recover your deleted notes in the case of that your iOS device is available and the data are not overwritten.

If you have backup your iPhone with iTunes in advance, please read:

Done! within three simple clicks, you can get back all your expected notes. Actually, apart from notes, iPhone Data Recovery is also good at retrieving deleted or lost messages, photos, videos, reminders, calendar events and other iPhone data and files. So come on and click the download button to have a try yourself, you would love this amazing program. If there are still something unclear or some other problem you are encountering with, please leaving your messages, we will give you our reply as soon as possible!