How Can I Get Apps Data Back to iPhone

Losing your Apps data before you back up them with iTunes could be annoying for some iPhone users. Take it easy, iPhone data recovery is contributed to solving this problem, please read on!


"Can I get Apps data back to iPhone? I just lost the apps after updating my iPhone, I'm afraid that all its accompanying information is removed as well. Help! I'm badly in need of recovering the app data, what should I do? "

During the process we use iPhone, we have already install various of apps for our daily use, some for work and some for entertainment. Finally, iPhone is filled with these apps. But sometimes, due to many reasons you may want to delete some apps on your iOS devices. For example, maybe you want to free up more space for other apps or files. However, you may delete them by mistake. What's more, you may find these deleted apps quite useful in the near future, worse still, you forgot to back up all the apps data to iTune or iCloud before you delete them. In this case, you need to turn to a third party recover tool ffor help if you want to get the apps data back. 

Here I will recommend the ever-best recovery tool- iPhone Data Recovery for you, which enable you to restore your iPhone apps data in an easy way.

Please read on to see how to operate iPhone apps data recovery.

1. Download iPhone Data Recovery on PC.
2. Install and run iPhone Data Recovery on computer.
3. Select "Recover from iCloud Backup File" or "Recover from iOS Device" or "Recover from iTunes Backup File".
4. Scan iPhone Data.
5. Preview and recover wanted app data from iPhone.

That's it! If you have any great tips or methods to share, please let us know by leaving your comments in this post. Thank you so much!