How to Recover Lost Notes from iTunes Backup

If you keep the habit of backuping your data in your free time, then congratulations you can extract your lost notes via iTunes backup easily. Now follow this post to recover all your precious iPhone notes.


"Help! The notes on my iPhone 5s has gone, I didn't delete them and I don't know why. Luckily, I remember I have made some regular iTunes backup every month, so many users suggest that I can recover them via iTunes easily, but you know what, I'm so fresh in this aspect, is anyone who can show me out?"

Yes of course! We all know that we can't live without notes, which can always remind us what to do in right time. And thanks to the current technology, we' ve got Note app to take notes for our lectures, appointments, business memo and even our shopping lists, etc, so these notes always contain very important information. So we had better not lose any of them, just as the saying goes: Prevention is the best worm. To well keep them for future use or reminder, It would be better to backup the notes with iTunes more frequently, so that even if we delete these vital notes accidentally or lose them, we can still get them back via iTunes.

In this post, we offer you one iPhone notes recovery tool - iPhone Data Recovery. And show you how to retrieve from iPhone by using it, which also applies to to iPad, or rather, any iOS devices.

Now please follow the below step-by-step tutorial to get back your notes.

How to Recover Lost Notes from iTunes Backup

Step 1 : Download and Launch iPhone Data Recovery on your PC, then choose "Recover from iTunes Backup" and the right iTunes Backup.After it, click "Next" to extract it.

Step 2 : Now please select "Notes and Notes Attachment" to preview the deleted notes in thumbnails. Then pick up the notes that you want to get back, after it, click "Recover" to get them to your iOS device or PC.

Things you need to know:

- This method is limited that you have backup your iPhone with iTunes in advance, and the iTunes backup contains the notes you want to recover.

- This tutorial also can be applied to recover deleted notes on iPad or iPod touch.

if you haven't backup your iPhone with iTunes, you can read:

Ok! For iPhone Data Recovery, getting lost notes back is just a piece of cake, because it can recover more deleted data and files, such as, Text messages, Contacts, Call History, Music, Photos, Videos, Safari History, etc. So why not download this program to explore more and share it to your friends and family~