iOS System Recovery: How to get iPhone back to normal status

iPhone is disabled for unlocking failure? iPhone is stuck in Apple logo or headphone mode? iPhone is water damaged? iPhone is in black/red/blue/white screen death? Or iPhone is frozen for unknown reasons? Even iPhone is disabled for unlock failure? No worries. iOS data Recovery enables you to fix your iPhone to normal state.


One of the most commom problems that shows up in our daily us is a problem failing to enter iOS system. Most often, the problem comes from out of nowhere, at any given time, and for seemingly no reason. You'll just be playing a game or browsing the Web, and suddenly your iPhone stuck in recovery mode, Apple logo, black/ white screen/ iTunes screen, endless reboot status, iOS system issue. How can you repair iOS system to normal? Many users would ask Apple Service Center for help by repairing broken iPhone screen, replacing batteries, or fixing other hardware issues. But when your iPhone system is in a sudden crash or in unknown error, how can you get your iOS system back to normal state?

Today, let's teach you an easy way to fix the OS of your iPhone without data loss. 

Step 1: Download and Install iPhone Data Recovery , then launch it

Our software, iPhone Data Recovery can fix iOS system problem we mentioned above effectively and repair it to normal state.

fIrstly, you need to download the program on your PC by clicking the download button below. Then launch it!

Step 2: Plug in iOS Device that couldn't enter system to PC

Now, choose "More tools" from the left pane of this program on the interface, then click "iOS System Recovery", and next please connect your iOS device to PC and click "Confirm" to continue.

Step 3: Put Device into Recovery/ DFU Mode

In this part, try to put your iOS device into Recovery/ DFU mode by clicking the guidance on the interface. It's so easy to do it, so it's no probelm to ignore the guidance and set it up as you usually do. By the way, one thing deserves to be mentioned is that the guide on the interface is just one of the methods to get into the Recovery/ DFU mode. If it's different from yours, no worries!

Step 4: Download the Matching Firmware Package

After the program detect your device, your iOS information will all be displayed on the interface, confirm it. Cick "Repair" to begin the fixing. Then the program will download the matching firmware package automatically.

Tip: Once you operate the above step, please make sure that your device is well connected.

Step 5: Repair iPhone to normal state

Once the download is done, the program will start to repair the iOS system of your device. After finishing repairing, you can now turn to your device and check if it would boot up or not. If it does, congratulations that your device has been in normal state. Otherwise, the fixing means a failure and maybe you need to go to the local Apple Service Center for help.

iOS Data Recovery is so easy to use for fresh hands. And follow the simple but clear guide, you will fix your iPhone system from abnormal to normal. Moreover, it only fixes iOS system and will not put your device data at risky. So download now and have a try!