Methods to Save Snapchat Story Created on my iPhone

Snubs crave for the Snapchat,which allows to capture videos and pictures that self-destruct after few seconds.Here comes methods to create and save it to your iPhone or PC.


Part 1:How to create a snap story?

In the Snapchat,Snubs like to share for immediate consumption,ranging from wacky facial expressions to pictures of a meal they’re about to eat.It’s a way to share a moment with specific friends.Some guides and steps to create a snap story are as follows:

1.Take a video or photo snap and a lens effect could be added on it.

2.Click the “Add to story”button on the bottom of the screen,where you can add your snaps to your story.

3.Wait for some second and your story will be displayed at the top of the stories screen.


1.At one time you can only add one Snap to a story.

2.Once your story has been published you can check your profiles at anytime you like,so can your friends.

Part 2:How to Save your Snapchat Story?

1.Download and launch Snapchat on your iPhone and turn to the setting page.

2.Please click “memories”on the setting page.

3.Turn to “Save to>Memories&Camera Roll/Camera Roll Only”.If you click “Memories&Camera Roll”,the stories would be saved both Memories and Camera Roll.Otherwise it would be only kept in Camera Roll.

After saving your stories and snaps in your device,you can also transfer them to your PC by using iPhone Data Recovery,which can scan and read your data on your device,please see the guides below.

Step 1:Download iPhone Data Recovery

First,please click the download button to download and launch the program on your PC.

Step 2:Connect your iPhone to PC

Please click the “Recover from IOS Device”in the interface of the program,then connect your iPhone to the PC via USB port.After that,you need to tap”Trust” on the pop-up window.

Once your iPhone gets connected,please click “Start Scan” to begin the scanning.

Step 3:Preview and Restore your Snapchat Stories

After the scanning is done,you can view your data displayed on the clicking the “Camera Roll” under “Media”file,you can preview all your snaps,and then click”Recover” to choose the ones you want to save to your PC .

Tips:All the snap stories are kept as video type as MP4 format,so you can check them by selecting”videos” at the Check Box at the left of the search bar.

Ok,everything is done!Just by these simple steps you can save all your precious Snapchat Stories.If there is anything unclear,please leave a message so that we can do it better!