How can I Scan out my Photos/Videos from WeChat on iPhone/iPad?

Here we will show you an effective and simple method to scan out your photos, videos from your WeChat on iPhone or your iPad. Please take a short time for reading!


Available for all kinds of platforms, Wechat has been very popular among users both here and abroad. Thanks to this app,we can easily contact with others only by sending text messages, share our daily life by photos, videos or documents, or even making a free voice call. But most of the time, we always face with one problem: How can I find out a photos or a video sent by my friends quickly at the long chatting list rather than keep sliding all the conversation pages again and again? Someone may say: Why not turn to the chatting page and tap "Chat Info > Chat FIles" to find out the files you want? As the below shows:

But what if you want to save the files to your iPhone while the files you want to keep to your iPhone are too many to be viewed and chosen? Is there any more convenient and effective way?

Absolutely yes!

Scan out Photos/Videos from WeChat with iPhone Data Recovery

At the beginning, you need to download and install iPhone Data Recovery to your PC

Firstly, please download iPhone Data Recovery to your computer by clicking the download button below. Then launch it once the download completes. Then run this program.

Step 1Connect  your iPhone/iPad to PC

Please go to the first option "Recover from iOS Device" and plug your iPhone 7 plus/ 7 / 6s/ 6/ 5s/5 into computer via USB port that comes together. Then go to your iOS device and tap "Trust" on the screen. After that, the program would detect your iPhone and show your devices' name as the interface as below. Now you can click "Start Scan" to begin the scanning. 

Step 2 Scan out Data

As the scanning would take a short time to complete so you need a wait for a second. After it's done, yon can see the all the data on your iPhone including videos, photos, call history,contacts, messages are almost scanned out and displayed on the screen interface.

Step 3Preview and Restore Photos/Videos from WeChat

Once the scanning get completed, please choose "App Photos" and "App Videos" on the left pane of the interface and you can preview them from this program. Then click "Recover" and you can restore all your WeChat Photos/Videos from a large number of chat logs. Quite intuitive, isn't it?

Not only this function, Iphone Data Recovery can also recover your deleted or lost data from your iPhone. So just give it a try! If there is anything unclear, please let me know!