How to Unjailbreak iPhone without Losing Data

Searching some ways to fix your jailbroken iPhone? Fix Recovery software is highly recommended to help you unjailbreak iPhone without any data loss.


3 Steps to Unjailbreak iPhone without Data Loss

Step 1. Run the program and choose the fixing mode

After installing Fix Recovery software, launch it on the computer. On the main window, choose the mode "iOS System Recovery". Then connect your jailbroken iPhone to the computer via USB cable. When you iOS device is detected by the program, click the button "Start".

Unjailbreak iPhone

Step 2. Download the firmware

To fix your iPhone jailbreak, you need to download the firmware for your iPhone. Fix Recovery will detect your iOS device and offer the latest iOS version for you to download. Just click the button "Download" and wait for the download complete.


Step 3. Fix your iPhone to normal and unjailbreak your iPhone

When the download completes, the program will start repairing your iOS automatically, to unjailbreak iPhone without any data loss. In less than 10 minutes, it will tell you that your iOS device is restarting to normal mode.

Remove Jailbreak

Just easy steps as above, you can successfully unjailbreak iPhone without losing any data. Fix Recovery software is good at offering solutions for iPhone recovery problem, like iPhone stuck in recovery mode. Read more articles for help.