How to Export/Migrate iPhone Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S8

Just gave away you iPhone and now switch to Samsung? How about the contact transfer? Is it difficult? If you haven't figured out any solution for it, stop here. In this article, I'd like to show you how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung via a powerful third party tool.


Mobile phones have emerged more as the smart sensations, which has led to the booming sales and dynamic switchovers to better models and devices that offer more and better of everything. This dynamism has been felt more in the frontline firms like Samsung and Apple among others. So if a long time iPhone user has just purchased Samsung's latest and greatest smartphone, he'll be excited to get it up and running. Then high on his list of start-up activities will be exporting all of the important data- contacts, calendars, SMS, apps and media - from the old iPhone over to the new Android.

However, you haven't used any mobile device other than iPhone and hence have no experience with Android. You know find yourself in something of a dilemma - How to export contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8, the former running on iOS and the latter, on Android OS?

The answer to your predicament, fortunately, is that there is indeed simpler and more intuitive tools available for migrating your iPhone contacts to Android. Phone Transfer, one of the most effective phone data transfer tool in the market. It allows you to export your phone files cross different platforms with one click. Below are the detail features of Phone Transfer. With this program, you can easily transfer iPhone contacts to Android. Not only the contacts, but also it can migrate other files, including messagesm, calendars, photos, music, videos etc.

  Method to export/Migrate Contacts from iPhone to Android  

  Step 1  : Download and Launch Phone Transfer

After installation, launch Phone Transfer on your PC. Now, you can see there are different options displayed on the interface. Please click on "Phone to Phone Transfer".

  Step 2  : Plug iPhone and Samsung into PC

Please connect your both devices to the same PC, and then respectively set them as "Source" and "Destination".

  Step 3  : Export iPhone Contacts to Samsung

After the program detect your devices successfully, please select "Contacts" in the middle column and then tap on "Start Transfer". After it, the program will begin the copying process. And once the transferring process is completed, you would be notified and then please go to your Samsung to check out the result.

No complex operations at all!

If you have any question, please leave a message below.