Fast Way to Transfer Photos from iPhone 7 to Samsung Galaxy S8

Is there only one way to transfer photos from iPhone to Android phone? Absolutely no. Follow me, this post will offer complete solutions for the photo transferring, which does worth a look.


When it comes to photo transfer, the first thought comes to user's mind may be: use iTunes to backup the iPhone and then choose to sync pictures with Google account. To be honest, this way is quite common but indirect, instead. So it's natural to dread the process of switching from iOS to Android. Even becoming a new owner of Andorid phone like Samsung Galaxy S8 could be exciting, getting important data such as photos from iOS to Android can be a not that funny chore. A simpler method is urgently needed. well, just keep your worry aside, because there are another two workable ways.

To solve your problem, I have outlined two differents solutions for you to actively transfer photos from iPhone 7 to Samsung Galaxy S8, two totally different smartphones. Read on please.

Solution 1: Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Using iCloud

To transfer data from iPhone to Samsung, you can get help from your PC, which acts as "Copula". Let's check it out how it works. 

Before we go on, you need to firstly go to "Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos" on  your iPhone and then turn on iCloud Photo Library.

  Step 1  : Log in iCloud on your PC

Firstly, log in  iCloud with your Apple ID. On the interface, click "Photo" icon and the you can preview your photos, which are synced from  your iPhone

  Step 2  : Download iCloud Photos You Want

Please choose a photo and when it's loaded on screen, click on the download icon on the upper right corner and this photo will be saved on your PC. However, you need to repeat the process because you can not choose all the pictures to download for one time.

  Step 3  : Drag the iCloud Photos to Samsung Galaxy S8

Now please plug your Galaxy S8 into PC via USB. Then go to the location where your iCloud photos stored. After it, you can move them to your device as you usually do.

Solution 2: Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Samsung with Phone Transfer

Besides using iCloud, you should never miss the method in this part. Phone Transfer, an expert in data transfer, which can help to move photos from iPhone to Android. To begin with, please download Phone Transfer on your PC.

  Step 1  : Get your iPhone and Galaxy S8 connected to PC

After installation, run this program and go to "Phone to Phone Transfer" on the home page. Then plug iPhone and Samsung to your PC via USB.

  Step 2  : Move iPhone Photos to Samsung Galaxy S8

Please select "Photos" item and then tap on the "Start Transfer" button to begin the transferring process.

The copying process would take few minute to complete, when the process bar is 100% filled, it means that the job is done, all your photos have been transferred to the new Galaxy S8.

That's it! After going through the two above-mentioned solutions, I believe that you already have an answer which one is easier to understand on your mind. By the way, with Phone Transfer in solution 2, you can effectively and selectively transfer data including photos between different smartphones. Anyway, just have a try yourself!