How to Move, Sync or Copy Contacts from iPhone to Android

Got a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8? Want to transfer contacts from iPhone 6 to Android but don't know how to achieve it? So lucky you are, this article will give its solution for your reference.


Apple's iPhone 7s is expected to launch in 2017, have you prepared well for the new round of iPhone to iPhone upgrade? If not yet, are you ready to take the plunge into Android world? 

Last month I've got a birthday gift from my father, it was a new Galaxy S8. As a long-term iPhone user, it's so fresh and nice to experience different operating system like Android phone. However, leaving the embrace of iPhone and joining the Android world sounds exciting while the data transferring could be a hot potato for me. What about my stuff? How can I transfer everything from iPhone to the brand new Android phone? And how to copy my most important personal data, my contact info stored on my iPhone to the Galaxy S8? I ever considered that I can use the Share Contact option then share my contacts via email or text. But later I realized that it's almost impossible, as there are over 300 contacts on my iPhone needs to be moved.  I got so tired of spending a whole day on typing and checking all the contacts one by one. 

Things become easier since I tried the professional transfer tool, Phone Transfer, only three steps, all my expected contacts have been well synced to the new Android without any loss. You wanna a try too? Now this tutorial will come very handy for you and save you from the pain of manually saving contacts one by one.

  How to  Move, Sync or Copy Contacts from iPhone to Android  

  Step 1  : Install and Launch Phone Transfer

First and foremost, please download and install Phone Transfer on your PC. Run it and you’ll see the below main window. Click “Phone to Phone Transfer” to go on.

  Step 2  : Connect both iPhone and Android

Now you need to get your iPhone and Android connected to your PC via USB. Once being detected by the software, they will be respectively set as “Source” and “Destination”. If they are in wrong places, you can exchange them by clicking “Flip”.

(Note: Please make sure you have iTunes installed on your PC before copying. If not, Phone Transfer will detect and remind you.)

  Step 3  : Start to Copy iPhone Contacts to Android

It’s high time to copy your iPhone contacts to Android now. Tick “Contacts” in the middle column then tap on “Start Copy” to begin the copying.

OK! As you can see, Phone Transfer is so easy to use, which offers  you the fastest way to have your contacts copied. Apart from contacts, this program can transfer everything for you, such as text messages, music, photos, videos, apps, calendars, notes, and reminders, etc. Furthermore, it's applicable for most iPhone (iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6/5) as well as Android phones (Galaxy S8/S6edge, Sony Xperia Z3, Nexus 5 etc.), therefore, you can just follow the tutorial above to copy your data no matter what phones you are holding!