How to Transfer Data From S6/S7 to Samsung Galaxy S8

If you upgrade your old Samsung phone to a new Samsung Galaxy S8, the first thing you need to do is remove all the important data to the new device.Now this article will mainly teach you an easy way to complete the data transfer.


Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most popular Android phones in 2017. See? It has a good screen sive of 5.4 inch and it gives users a variety of colors to choose from. Black. gold, silver, white, and gold pink. Besides, its camera produces quality photos and it supports recording 4k videos. Most of all, it has high resolution among many other important features. These attractive features are what makes us swith from the old Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S8.

However, changing a new phone is not a simple matter. You know, some data and files in our old phone is valuable to us, and we're not willing to lose them. For instance, the photos remind us memorable events, people, and places or moments that are vital to us. Similarly, the music on the device is a source of entertainment, and we listen to different music in different occasions. When you are sad or lonely, music keeps you accompany. Contacts, on the other hand, are the key drivers of communication and they help us reach out to someone who are far from us and deliver relevant messages. So if you have switched from an old Samsung S6 to the new Galaxy S8, you will need a Samsung to Samsung transfer tool to ensure that you transfer data from the old Android phone to the new Galaxy S8

Phone Transfer is here to help. All your files from the previously used phone will be exported to the new Galaxy S8. Please firstly download Phone Transfer on your PC by clicking the download button and then follow the steps to complete the data transfer.

  How Can I Transfer Data From S6/S7 to Samsung Galaxy S8  

  Step 1  : Connect Both Devices to your PC

After installation, please launch this program on your PC. Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" and then get your both phones connected to your PC via USB.

(Note: Firstly connect the old phone and then the new Galaxy S8. In this way, the program will detect the old phone as original device to extract the data from, and the new device would be in the target device.

  Step 2  : Copy Data from Old Phone to Samsung Galaxy S8

Once Phone Transfer detects your devices, you can choose the data types that you want to transfer to your new phone. Click on "Start Transfer" to go on.

Then you just need to wait patiently for the process and the job is done!

As you can see, Thanks to Phone Transfer, just two steps, all your data including contacts, SMS, calendars, call logs, photos, music, videos, app and app data can be transferred from the old Android phone to the new Galaxy S8 within a short time. Mighty and handy, you derserve to have a try so that you would have a better experience of your new Galaxy S8, right?