How to Transfer Data from Sony/Android to iOS

When you switch from Sony to iOS, you may encounter hurdle since you need to move your important personal date from the old Android to the new iOS device. No worries anymore, Phone Transfer will solve your problem in one click.


iOS devices are one of the major smartphone developers in the world. Nowadays, Apple has set the highest standards for any smartphone manufacturer with its innovative and powerful technology. The iPhones are known for theri style, design, performance, smooth operation system, and reliability. So with the release of iPhone 7, many Android users such as Sony users can't wait to switch to a new iPhone. But to be honest, even though it's easy to buy a new iPhone, it's not the same thing to transfer data between your old device to the new one, especially when your devices are running different operation systems. Let's take an example of moving data from Sony to iPhone. You probably know lots of so called shortcuts to do it. But I dare to bet that 80% of these methods just make things worse while the rest 20% are too difficult to handle by normal users.

But now the great news is that data transfer is no longer a pain with the assistance of Phone Transfer. You can transfer all your data including text messages, contacts, audio, video, apps, music, photos in just few clicks. The complete process is 100% risk free and safe. Moreover, this software supports iOS, Windows, and Android. Now in this guide, we will show how to transfer Data fron Sony to iPhone 7 step by step.

Method to Transfer data from Android to iOS

  Step 1  : Install and Launch Phone Transfer on your PC. Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode in blue area.

  Step 2  : Now this software will prompt you to connect both your devices to your PC via USB cables. After it, just sit back and wait for the program to detect them.

  Step 3  : Now you need to select data that you want to transfer. you can tick contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, apps, photos, music, and videos. However, please note that the Source device is Sony while the Destination is iOS devices. If not, you can exchange their places by clicking "Flip". Then tap on "Start Copy" to begin the transferring.

  Step 4  : During the copying process, please remember not to disconnect your devices since it would take few minutes to finish. the estimated time always depends on the size of the data you choose.

Once the transfer is completed, just remove the USB cable and check your iOS device. All of your data will be totally transferred to the new device, and every data will be organized to the respective apps and location. There are no further steps required from your side. So reliable and trouble-free, isn't it? Come on and download Phone Transfer now!