How Can I Transfer Contacts from HTC to iPhone

Ready to change your phone? But have you ever considered about the transfer issues before switching from HTC to a new iPhone? Still be confused? Relaxed. Phone Transfer would help you transfer everything fastly and safely.


With the release of iPhone 7, one of the most anticipated phones of 2016, people all around the world lined up to this new Apple product. Honestly I' m one of them, who just switch from an old HTC to a new lovely iPhone 7. But there are still one thing discourage me to some extent. That is: What about my private and important data and files on my HTC? And how can I have those precious data with me when switching to new iPhone 7? Or rather, how can I transfer my data from HTC to Android without any hassle? 

Now the good news is that transferring data between HTC and iPhone really couldn't be easier. And for most of mobile users, the first-rate important thing when changing a phone must be exporting contacts from old HTC to new iPhone. Did you still type your contacts one by one and keep copying and pasting over and over again? Haha, only kidding! Here in this post, I firmly recommend Phone Transfer, the software with human-based designs which is quick and easy to use.

Phone Transfer - A bridge between Android and iPhone

As its name shows, Phone Transfer gives a hand to transfer data from HTC to iPhone. Besides Contacts, other data such as photos, music, text messages, calendar entries, and even notes are transferrable with the help of this program. Furthermore, no matter what models of phones you are working with, Phone Transfer is compatible with it. So considerate, right?

Now it's high time to follow the tutorial below to check it out.

How to Transfer Contacts from HTC to iPhone

Step 1 : Install and Run this program on you PC

First of all, you need to download and Install Phone Transfer on your PC. Then once you see the main window shows below, click "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode.

Step 2 : Connect HTC and iPhone to your PC

Your both devices will be detected by the software automatically. And your HTC would be set as Source while iPhone as Destination place. If they are in wrong place, you can click "Flip" to change their places.

Step 3 : Transfer Contacts from HTC to iPhone

Now, It's time to transfer your HTC contacts to iPhone by ticking "Contacts" from the select box. Then click "Start Copy" to start the transfer. When the process bar is 100% full, jusr click "OK". And now you can turn to your iPhone to check all the exported HTC contacts.

Likewise, you can also transfer your text messages, photos, videos, music, calendar, and Apps from HTC to iPhone at one time according to your need with the assistance of Phone Transfer.

Why not download now and try it yourself?