How to Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Android

After you planning to join the Android world from the past life on iPhone, the first thing you need to solve is to transfer your iCloud contacts to the new Android phone? So what will you do? Now this post will introduce a workable and fast way for you.


"Since there is no major update from iPhone in recent years, I decided to buy a new Android phone and give my old iPhone 5s to my mom. But before that, I want to move my contacts from iPhone to Android, which have been well backed to my iCloud. What can I do?" - Jane.

Well, just like Jane, nowadays, a large number of iPhone users are switching to Android. most of them are new to the Android world and are bound to come across a few teething problems. One of the first issues that are likely to crop up when you switch from an iPhone to an Android device is the issue of transferring your contacts. Things may seem to be extremly difficult, but with the help of this guide, you could be able to transfer iCloud Contacts to Android devices in no time.

Phone Transfer - The Best Manager to Transmit your iCloud Contacts

There are lots of apps and programs that can be used to transfer contacts to your Android. However, one of the simplest way is to make the most of Phone Transfer. It combines the advantage of briefness and efficiency. With few steps, you are able to see your contacts listed on your Android phone. Now please follow the step-by-step guides to learn how it works.

How to Transfer iCloud Contacts to Android device Directly

Step 1: Install and launch Phone Transfer

First of all, please download and install Phone Transfer from the website. After installation, just run it. You will see the primary window as below occurs. Click the green box "Restore from Backups". Before transferring, plesase make sure to get your Android device connected to your PC via USB cable.

Step 2: Log in iCloud

In this part, you'll see a log-in interface. Key your iCloud account and password, then the program will verify your identity and enter iCloud.

(Note: Backup files in other mobile managers, like iTunes, Blackberry, Samsung Kies, and etc. are supported.)

Step 3: Download iCloud Backup

Once enter iCloud, your backup files are listed in the left menu. Choose whichever one and then download it. During this process, keep your PC online. The blue bar in the Notice box will show you the process of the download process, so you need to be patient becauce it will take some minutes to complete.

Step 4: Sync Contacts to Android

When the download is completed, the items will be orderly displayed in the middle box. Now it's time to click "Contacts" and then "Start Copy". Before copying, you can choose whether to clear data before copying or not. After that, all the iCloud contacts will be synced to your Android phone.

So if you were the one who change your device frequently, then Phone Transfer would be your best choice. Apart from Contacts, all the data such as photos, videos, music, notes also can be transferred easily. Why not download it and have a try?