Great tricks to transfer Calendar from iPhone to Samsung Phone

Wondering how to sync your calendar events from iPhone to Android? To protect users from missing a date or meeting, we are going to show you two solutions to slove such issue. Follow this article to find it out.


In the modern mobile times, there is a wide recognition that iOS is stable, smooth and safe while Android is of complete function and strong playability. So to experience a different operation system, I made up my mind to put away my iPhone 5s then to buy a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8. However, it's a bigger challenge for me to transfer data from iPhone to Android, Among which I care most is my calendar events stored in my iPhone. As a businessman, I always need to write down events, appointments, meeting time, special moments and future plans in my daily life and work. With calendar App, I have noting to remember because this app will remind what I am going to do on the exact date. So after using calendars, I have make everything well prepared. And now my worry is How to transfer calendar entries from iPhone to Android device? Is it possible? Any loss of calendar events could mess up my original organized schedule, it's terrible. I need help, urgently!

Fortunately, I've read this article before. In return, now I will show you two ways to transfer calendars from iPhone to Android through this guide today.
Method 1: Transfer Calendar from iPhone to Android with Google
Method 2: Transfer iPhone Calendar to Android using Phone Transfer

  Transfer Calendar from iPhone to Android with Google 

Google can help you to transfer calendars from iPhone to Android as long as there are only few entries of calendars need to be synced. And requirement of this method is that you have Android, iPhone and a Google account. Or rather, you need to sync calendars from iPhone to Google account first and then sync those calendars from Google account to Android phone.

Steps to follow:
- Tap on Setting option  and then tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” > “Add Account”. Enter your Google account credentials in this screen. Make sure “Calendars” sync is turned on. A new window will pop up and click on “keep On my iPhone”. It will keep calendars on your iPhone as well and don’t delete them from local iPhone storage.

- Tap on Calendar app on iPhone and select the events which you want to transfer from iPhone to Android to check details. Now tap on "Calendars" in the main menu of iPhone and then select Google account to save iPhone to calendars to Google account.

On Android Device:

 Enter in the “Setting” > “Account” on your new Android mobile. And login to the same Google account which you have used to sync calendars from iPhone to Google. Tap on sync option. Later you can see your calendars in Android mobile.


  Transfer iPhone Calendars to Android using Phone Transfer  

On the other hand, if you have plenty of events and reminders on iPhone, Then this is the best way available in the whole online market to transfer iPhone calendars to iPhone. Phone Transfer can help you a lot to complete the transferring without losing any events and without restoring to any account.

  Step 1  : Download and Install Phone Transfer

First of all, please download and launch Phone Transfer on your PC. Then click on “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

  Step 2  : Connect your both devices to PC

Now connect your iPhone and Android to the same PC via USB. After being detected, they would be set as “Source” and “Destination” respectively.

(Note: If they are in wrong places, you can exchanged them by clicking “Flip”.)

  Step 3  : Export iPhone Calendar to Android

Tick the “Calendar” in the middle column, then tap on “Start Copy” to begin the transferring. Once it’s done, click “OK”.

Nice job!

Just choose either of these methods to remove your calendars from iPhone to Android device. On the whole, I think Phone Transfer is more reliable, which empowers you to seamlessly arrange your schedule and manage your life. Now please click the download button and install this program to have a try!

BTW, if you want to learn how to retrieve iPhone calendars, please refer to: How to Reover Deleted Calendars on iPhone Directly