How to Transfer Photos and Images from iPhone to Android

Before you make the switch from iOS to Android, you always need to consider how to transfer all your data to the new device.Now in this article, we will focus on how to transfer iPhone pictures and images to Android. Read on please!


It goes without saying that nowadays Android mobile and iPhone own the largest market share in the mobile phone market. Both of these kinds of phones have their unique characteristics to catch users' eyes. So if you didn't get enough budget to buy a new iPhone, Android can be your first choice. or if you are tired of using iPhone all the time or you are really annoyed about the new iOS update, you may want to switch from an old iPhone to a new Android phone instead. And sometimes it's quite common to see people buy two mobile phones with these two kinds of operation systems. When you change the model, the first thing you need to do is transfer your data and files, such as photos and images.

So here comes the question: How can we transfer iPhone pictures and images to Android? No fear! Phone Transfer could help you out. As its name shows, Phone Transfer is designed to transfer data between iPhone and Android within minutes and without any data loss. Or rather, transferring photos is just a piece of cake for this powerful program. For more details and instructions, please read on to find it out.

Phone Transfer - a helper to migrate iPhone pictures to Android in an easier way

  Step 1   Connect iPhone and Android to same PC

First of all, download and install Phone transfer then run it.

Select Phone to Phone Transfer mode, and then get your iPhone and Android connected to your PC via USB.

   Step 2   Select Pictures to Copy

You can uncheck others except "Photos" in the middle column and then tap "Click Copy".

   Step 3   Copy Photos from iPhone to Android

In this section, you are in transfer windows and one thing you need to know is Source place is for iPhone while Destination is for Android. If your two phones are in wrong places, just click "Flip" to change their places. Then tick "Photos" in the middle box and tap "Start Copy" to begin the transferring. During the copying, please make sure not to disconnect your both devices. And if the copying process is done, just click "OK".

Everything is done! Very simple and fast, isn't it? 

Come on! Download it and have a free try, besides your treasured pictures, your videos, music, contact, text messages and call logs can also be transferred from iPhone to Android with the help of Phone Transfer. Facing such user-friendly and powerful transfer tool, you have no reason to say no! right?