How Can I Transfer iPhone Text Messages/SMS to Android

How to transfer text messages from iPhone to Android? Now a good idea will surely be provided in this article.Now let's get together to find how Phone Transfer work.


Nowadays, with the rapid development of smartphone, many of us are not satisfied with using one type of smartphone all the time. So you can see many people keep switching their phones, maybe iPhone to Android or Android to iPhone. And sometimes, we have to admit that switching from an iOS device to Android operating system smartphone is just a piece of cake for us, while transferring data is not that easy to do. So if you are right caught in this problem, you should not miss this article, let's go together to find the solution. 

  Phone Transfer  - A powerful transferring tool helps to transfer your data including media files, contacts, calendar, call logs, photos, videos, SMS, misic and so on. Here in this part, we will show you how to transfer your iPhone text messages to your Android phone within three simple steps, which can support iPhone 7 plus/ 7/ 6s plus/ 6s/ SE/ 5s, etc, and most Android mobile phones.

Now please follow our simple step-by-step instructions, only a few minutes are needed.

   Step 1   Run Phone Transfer on windows/Mac

At the very beginning, please download and install Phone Transfer, then run it on windows or Mac. And connect a source and a destination phone via USB cable.

Select Phone to Phone Transfer mode, then the program will be set to transfer data directly from one phone to another by one click. 

   Step 2     Select text messages to Android

Now please tick the " Text Messages" in the middle column, and the click " Start Copy " to start the process.

Please remember not to disconnect either phones until the coping completes.

  Tip   Please make sure you have installed iTunes on your PC before transferring.

   Step 3    Check and Preview your SMS on Android 

When the coping is done, click "OK". Then you can turn to your Android phone and check the messages. See? All the text messages have been totally cloned there.