How to Transfer Music from iPod to iPhone Directly

Failed to transfer your music from iPod to your new iPhone or idevices? seeking a easy and efficient solution to sove such issue? Now please install Phone Transfer and just read on..


"I have an iPod touch generation one (without cammera) and I have over 2000 songs on this iPod. And recently I just bought a new iPhone 7, my question is how do I transfer my music from iPod touch to my new iPhone 7? I don't want to keep clicking and dragging them from iPod into iTunes and then export them to my iPhone. So is there a direct and better way? Thanks for your help." - Chris.

Well! It's pretty simple for users to move songs which have stored in iTunes Library. But if songs only stored in iPod, you have to move them to iTunes and then from iTunes to iPhone. I have to say that this process is troublesome. Fortunately, with the help of Phone Transfer, you can transfer your iPod music much easier.

Phone Transfer, a professsional transfferinng tool. Just like its name implies, this program offer good way to transmit songs between two mobile devices including not only phones, but also iPod and iPad. You can sync your iPod music to your new iPhone very soon.

First and foremost, download it from here and give it a shoot.

How to Transfer iPod Music to iPhone Directly

Step 1: Run Phone Transfer

After installation, launch it and click the select box “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

Step 2: Connect your both devices and sync songs

Now you need to connect your iPod and iPhone to the same PC via USB cables. After it, this program will detect them and set them as the “Source” and “Destination” respectively. Then click “Music” in the middle column and tap on “Start Copy”. Of course you can exchange their places by clicking “Flip

With Phone Transfer, you can easily transfer your music as well as contacts, photos, videos, SMS, playlist, calendar, notes and App info at a single click. If you take advantage of this program, you 'll find this software is very helpful in our daily use. If you are interested in Phone Transfer, please feel free to try it out.