Effective Way to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone

Want to transfer your former music from your old iPhone to a new iPhone directly? Download Phone Transfer, it can help you.


" I've just bought a new lovely iPhone 7 plus, but before I enjoy it, I find it troublesome to transfer my music to the new iPhone. Is it impossible to transfer all my precious music from iPhone to iPhone? I do need a direct transfer tool to help me, " said one of my girlfriend.

I guess many users have the same problem, but now, a effective transfer tool, iPhone Transfer, is contributed to solve your problem. Just some simple click, you can transfer your music iPhone to iPhone directly.

Please follow the guidance below:

Step 1 Download and Install Phone Transfer and launch it Download

Download and install Phone Transfer on your PC. Then launch it, connect both iPhones to the same PC with USB port. The models of your phones will be detected right after you connect it. The information of iPhones will be shown on the main window.

iPhone Music

Step 2 Transfer your music from iPhone to iPhone

In this part, you'll see multiple contents to be selected in the main window like contacts, text messages, etc. What you only  need to do is tick the box "Music" and make sure that the Source and Destination phones are in the right place. When everything is done, click "Start Copy". The progress of the transferring will be displayed on the main window. All your music would be copied in minutes.

Transfer Music

Ok, the above-mentioned is the steps about how to use iPhone Transfer to transfer your music from iPhone to iPhone. Actually, besides music, iPhone Transfer can also transfer your text messages from your old iPhone to your new iPhone. So if you right need, click and download now!