How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to iPhone

Planning on switching to a new iPhone 7 plus? Be afraid of losing photos on former iPhone? Take it rasy! Phone Transfer can help you in an easy way!


"I just switched to a new iPhone 7 the other day. I do love it, as a camera lover, I've taken many wonderful photos using my new mobile partner.  But even I get immersed in the new iPhone 7, I also miss the pictures that lies in my former iPhone 5s, for me, one photo is one story. So I need to move all of them to the new iPhone. As a fresh hand, I didn't know how to make it, so I' ve called all my friends for help. And iTunes Syncing is the most widely mentioned method by them. The problem is that once I do so, the iTunes will erase all my photos except the camera roll in my target iPhone 7 plus. So I need a more professional tranfer tool to solve this problem." said Jerry.

And I guess this is not just Jerry's problem. Congratulations! You've come to the right place. In this article, we will recommend a excellent tranfer tool for you, Phone Transfer, an expert in transferring your data including contacts, text messages, calendar, app, photos, music and videos from iPhone to iPhone via easy and simple steps. Thus, moving photos from old iPhone to new iPhone is just a piece of cake for this program, now please follow the simpe steps below:

 Step 1   Install Phone Transfer and Launch this program

First of all, please install Phone Transfer and then turn it to enter the primary window. After that, you can move to next step by clicking “Phone to Phone transfer”.

  Step 2   Connect two iPhones to Start Transferring pictures

Now please connect both your iPhones to the PC via USB. Once being detected, they will be showed as “Source” and “Destination” on the interface. Then what you need to do is preview and check the “Photo” button in the middle column, tap the “Start Copy” icon so that all your photos will be transferred automatically.

Tip: Please pay attention to the select box “Clear data before copy” in the bottom of the “Destination”, you’d better tick it to avoid the unnecessary repetition.

That's all! Now you can turn to your iPhone 7 plus and check the photos. Not matter what data you want to transfer, the steps are similar to the example showed above. Of course, if there are something unclear, please leave a message to let me know. Try to download now!