How to Transfer SMS/Text Messages from Android to iPhone

Ditching a old Android phone then buy a new iPhone is so easy, while data transferring seems not the same thing. Is there a direct and time-saving way to go? Absolutely yes.


Many people switch from old Android or Windows phone to iOS from their design, class, performance, color and reliability. iPhone, with its overall improved system and other exuberant features, are sure to amazed many mobile users. However, such awesome iPhone may bring about some problems, one of which can be data transferring. For example, your SMS/Text messages, one of the heavily used data on our mobile phones. We send messages to family, friends, and loved ones with images, emoji, etc, which can live up the messages. For most of us, messages from our business partners are always attached with important info. But what if you purchase a new iPhone 7/7plus/6s/6, how about these memories stored in the message inbox? For some freshmen, the data transfer may be a hot potato, as both devices run on seperate operation systems. Then What can we do on earth?

Haha, just keep the worry of transferring your SMS aside because you now have Phone Transfer with you. No need to copy and paste your text messages manually, phone Transfer enables you to move Android contacts to iPhone in batches. Among all the phone transfer programs, Phone Transfer is regarded as one of the best. The whole transferring can be done in minutes with a few mouse clicks. What's more, it is capable of transferring a set of files and contents between different smartphones. First and foremost, please download this program and follow the simple steps to perform a switch of SMS from Android to iPhone.

How to Transfer SMS/Text messages from Android to iPhone

  Step 1  : Connect Both Devices to PC

After installation, run Phone Transfer on your PC. choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode. Then get your both devices connected to your PC using USB cables.


- Make sure you have turned on USB debugging on Android phone and trusted your PC when plug the iPhone.

- Ensure Android is set as "Source" and iPhone is "Destination". If it is reserved, click "Flip"

  Step 2  : Select Text Messages to Copy

Pay attention to the middle column, you can uncheck other boxes but "Contacts", just tick it. And if you want to overwrite the old messages on your iPhone, highlight the option "Clear data before copy".

  Step 3  : One Click to Switch Android SMS to iPhone

Click "Start Copy". Then the program will start to read, copy and paste all the messages on your Android phone to iPhone. Do not disconnect your both devices until the copying process completes. When it's done, tap on "OK" in the pop-up window.

See? Your SMS have been cloned. Go to your iPhone and read your messages one by one in details.

Likewise, you can transfer the other data like photos, music, calendar, notes, videos, etc at the same time. If I were you, I would not miss such fantastic program. Being mighty and handy, Phone Transfer is deserved to be our best helper when transferring data. Check it out and feel how science and technology has changed our life.