How can I Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to iPhone

Transferring text messages from former iPhone to a new iPhone can be difficult for most of iPhone user. However, this article will give you some tips to transfer SMS when you switch to a new iPhone. Go ahead reading, and you won't be regretful!


"I've switched from a iPhone 5 to a new lovely iPhone 7 plus, when I excitely set up my new iPhone, see the messages app being totally empty. I felt a sense of loss indeed! I do miss my SMS listed in my old iPhone, some of them are important for work, and some of them are from some omportant person in my life, which hold sentimental value and would be my priceless, irreplaceable memory. so it would be better if I can save these precious SMS to my new iPhone, and is there a specialized tool to make it?" said my friend.

And this is a frequently asked question among iPhone users. Actually, there is an awesome transferring tool for you to transfer your text messages from iPhone to iPhone- Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer Mange your text messages between iPhones. It's a useful transferring tool to copy your precious SMS, MMS to your new, for example without doubt, you are allowed to move all your data like contacts, text messages as long as you listen to the tutorial below.

 Step  1   Download and Install, and then launch Phone Transfer on your PC

When you install the program, there will be  a pop-up window showed on the screen. Then click the "Start" button under the "Phone to Phone Transfer" 

  Step 2   Connect both your iPhones to the same PC via USB

In this part, get both your iPhone connected to the same PC via USB cables, then transfer will detect theis models automatically and display in the panel once they are connected. Please note that there is a select box "Clear data before copy". Check it if you want to remove all the text messages in the new iPhone and only save the SMS from the old iPhone. Otherwise,  just ignore it.


 Tip   You can exchange the direction of the two iPhones by clicking the "Flip" button, which means you want to transfer data from new one to old one.

 Step 3  Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to iPhone

Phone Transfer allows you to transfer SMS, videos, contacts, photos and music from one iPhone to another iPhone. so if you only need to copy SMS, just ignore other select box according to  your need. When it's done, click "Start Copy", and Phone Transfer will start the copying from one phone to the other phone. All you need to do is is keep both your iPhones well connected.

That's all. As you can see, with only three simple steps, you can transfer all your text messages, MMS from one iPhone to the other iPhone. More good news, you can also transfer your videos, contacts, photos, call logs, apps and music if you just need!