How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Android Quickly

The post is to show you how to transfer videos from iPhone to Android, sync iPhone videos to Android phone, or move videos from your iPhone to new Android in a quick, safe, simple way.


Smartphones are very popular today.They bring you much convenience. You can share things in daily life with friends, families, and relatives whenever and wherever you want. For example, you can shoot and save entertaining videos or record interesting scenes, then share the videos with others. And sometimes you can't resist the lure of marvelous videos on your friends' iPhone. Maybe you want to copy those videos from iPhone to your Android device to kill time. Or if you are planning to switch from iPhone to Android after deliberate discussion with your friend, but you still want the iphone videos with you. How to do it? This is a common thread among mobile users. As they thought it hard to transfer videos between different devices like Android and iPhone. Well, transferring videos from iPhone to Android is no longer the case because you have Phone Transfer now.

Phone Transfer, an convenient transfer freeware, which not only enables you to move files like contacts, SMS, photos, videos, call logs, apps and music between a wide range of devices, including Android, Symbian and iOS devices, but also allows you to share videos between two different devices. it's desperately easy.

Bwlow are some steps you may need:

  How to Transfer iPhone Videos to Android Quickly  

  Step 1  : Download and Install Phone Transfer

To begin with, please download and install this program. Then launch it, click “Phone to Phone Transfer” to go ahead.

  Step 2  : Connect Both Devices to PC

Now plug iPhone and Android phone into the same PC via USB. Once the program detect them, set your iPhone as “Source” and your Android as “Destination”.

  Step 3  : Start to Transfer videos between iPhone and Android

When the data scanning is done, click “Videos” in the middle column. Then tap on “Start Copy”, now you can sync iPhone videos to Android.

There in no doubt that Phone Transfer is very helpful. Without causing any information loss, just few clicks, this software will do everything for you. You deserve a try!