How to Erase/Clear all data from an iPhone

No one wants our personal data exposed to others when we give away our iPhone.Therefore, a professional data eraser tool is urgently needed.


When you switch your iPhone 5s to a new released iPhone 7 plus, How will you deal with your old iPhone 5s? sell it? give it to your famlies or relatives? or even donate it to charity? Whatever the situation is, I'm sure all of you will backup all your important data to your PC or trustable device. But meanwhile, there is one process that many people forget to do, that is, wiping all your data offf your iPhone. Otherwise it may result in your personal data being exposed to others or worse still, identity theft. What a nightmare!

When talking about erasing data on iPhone, some may use the iPhone factory resetting to clear all data. But to be honest, it doesn' help at all. You know what, the data is just encrypted temporarily and could be restored through some recovery apps in the market. So now you may raise one question: How can we erase all our iPhone data completely and permanently

Well, the only tool that is efficient enough to get the job done with perfection is SafeEraser. In other words, this program allows you to clear all your data on your iPhone, thus enabling you to dispose your iPhone off without anyfear of your sensitive information getting abused to others. Check it out how to wipe off all data on your iPhone forever in the following tutorial:

  How Can I Erase/Clear/Delete/Wipe Off all data on your iPhone  

 Step 1 : After installing this program, launch it. Then connect your iPhone to the PC via USB cable. After it, you will see the first interface, click on the “More Tools”.

 Step 2 : Once your iPhone is connected to the PC, choose “iOS Full Data Eraser”, then click “Erase”.

 Step 3 : Next, enter “delete” to confirm your operation, and then tap on “Erase now”.

(Note: Please remember not to disconnect your device during the process.)

 Step 4 : Once the erasing process is done, you will see the windows as follows:

Perfect job!

Now you can turn to  your iPhone 5s, where you will find that it has already been the original clear state. Although it's easy to do, I still have to remind you that as the data will be wiped forever and cannot be restored, so you are advised to make a backup before you erase them. Therefore, we can say with confidence, if clearing all iPhone data is essential, SafeEraser must be your best bet!