How Can I Clear Useless Notes from iPhone

Don't know how to clear useless notes from iPhone? Want to eraser your private data safely and quickly? Then you can't miss this article shown you a way out. our tool, Secure eraser will help you!


What's the must-to-do thing when you move to a new phone or sell your old iPhone to others? There is no doubt that it would be clearing the private data. But we have to admit that the "Note"  function on iPhone has always been so helpful to make our daily life in order so that many users rely on it too much, which may accumulate hundreds of thousands of notes. As time passes, the taken notes on your iPhone just like unfinished matters will often remain useless after the certain time period. If you get ready to delete them, you must know what a really troublesome job it is! In many case, there are two ways to clear the notes on iPhone, one way is to trash directly, and the other is to give a left slide and then tap on the delete button to remove the notes, but both of these two ways have to delete the notes one by one. Can anyone show a quick way to go?

Good news is that Secure Eraser is a good solution to this trouble.It will provide you a check box to choose the private data like photos, contacts, text messages, call logs,safari history and more, and once you finish choosing, you can clear them all at once.

So why not download it to have a free try, and then follow the steps below to make it.

Step 1:Download and Install Secure Eraser for iPhone on PC

Press download button to install Secure Eraser on your PC, Run the program and then get your iPhone connected to the PC. Next, choose the third one "Eraser Private Data" on the interface.

Step 2: Choose the iPhone Notes you want to Eraser

In this part, the program will start scanning your iPhone automatically. After a few minutes, all files on your iPhone will be displayed in categories on the interface. And what you need to do is tick "Notes" and preview notes that scanned out. Tick all those you want and tap on the button "Eraser Now".

Step 3: Confirm Erasing iPhone Notes

After taping the "Erase Now", you will see a pop-up window offing 3 notes below:

1. Please does all background Apps,such as Music, Navigation, etc.

2. Please wait for any updates to be conpleted if there is any running on the device.

3. Please make sure you have backed up any needed data.

Tip: After reading it, you will be asked to type in "delete" to confirm the erasing process.

With the assistance of Secure Eraser, you can now erase iPhone private notes at once by yourself. More fortunately, the data deleted by this program can't be recovered by other iPhone data recovery software to guarantee that your privacy is well protected. So come on and have a free try!