How to Export/Download/Copy Text Messages from iPhone 7 to Computer

Wnat to save your text messages from iPhone 7 to your computer? Now this guide will tell you a quick & easy method to export your iPhone SMS to PC.Keep reading and check it out!


Text messages, one of the most used communications on our daily life. And the Message App on our iPhone records conversations with families, friends, and the loved ones, most of them mean a lot for us. So I keep them on our iPhone. However, as time going by, we have stored more and more SMS on the device, which to some extent occupy much storage on iPhone, worse still, even make you can't take new photos, download new apps, new songs, etc. So what should we do? On the one hand, we don't wanna lose these messages, while on the other hand, the SMS take up much space and make your device can't work normally and smoothly. In this case, to prevent unintentionally deleting the SMS on your iPhone and meanwhile free up your storage space, exporting your text messages from iPhone to your PC is a good choice worth considering. Some users may have tried to export them with iTunes, but get no luck. In fact, iTunes just offer you a way to create a backup which contains text messages, but you never can view these messages you saved unless you plan to restore your iDevice with the backup you made. Then does it mean that you have to backup SMS to PC one by one? No! it's too tedious and time-consuming. 

Well, here's the extraordinary message transfer software I would like to recommend to you - TunesGo

  How to Export/Download/Copy Text Messages from iPhone 7 to Computer  

  Step 1  : Download TunesGo and Connect iPhone to your PC 

To begin with, please download and install this program on your PC. As soon as you connect your iPhone to it, you may see the detail of your iPhone as demo below.

  Step 2  : Export iPhone 7 Text Messages to PC

In this part, you just need to choose the data type you want to export to the PC. Somply choose "Information" as listed on the top of the interface. After that, all the SMS that you have on your iPhone 7 can be seen on this window. You are now able to preview the detailed info of the SMS. Select the messages you want to backup. Click "Export" to transfer them to your PC.

With TunesGo, you can freely and easily transfer any files to your PC, even among all your Apple devices. If you have any question on this guide, please let us know in the comment section or via Email.