How to Delete Contacts on iOS in Batch

How do you do if you want to get rid of some useless or repeated contacts on your iPhone? except deleting them manually through Contacts app, is there any better method to delete them at once? Absolutely yes!


Removing one or a few contacts on your iPhone is easy, simply go to Contacts app on your idevice, and tag on the one you want to erase, then click "Edit", scroll down to the bottom of screen and just click "Delete". By default, your iPhone only allows you to delete one contact at a time, which is a very unpleasant process for anyone who has lot of contacts need deleting. So if you have over 1000 contacts need to be deleted, will you still use this clumsy way? Too tedious and time-consuming, don't you think? So how to delete contacts on iPhone in batch?

To help you solve such issue, we write this page to explain how to quickly swipe and delete massive iPhone contacts at the same time. You can delete several contacts at one time with iCloud easily. But for those who refuse to use iCloud, there is another method to erase useless or multiple contacts at once- You just need the assistance of TunesGo.

Solution 1: Remove iPhone Contacts via iCloud

Solution 2: Delete Contacts on iPhone with TunesGo

  Solution 1: Remove iPhone Contacts via iCloud  

  Step 1  : Log into your iCloud

Now log into your iCloud with your Apple ID and password, Once entering into iCloud, click "Contact". (Please note that all this presumes you're syncing your iDevice with iCloud. If you're not, this tutorial doesn't apply.)

  Step 2  : Select Contacts you want to delete

While holding down the Ctrl key (or command key if you are a Mac user), click the first contact you want to delete, then the next, and then the next. Keep clicking until you' ve seleted a batch.

  Step 3  : Start to Delete iPhone Contacs from iCloud

You can now delete the selected contacts either hit the delete key on your keyboard, or click the settings button on the lower left and choose "Delete". After you're done, iCloud should sync with your iPhone address book to make the some deletions.

  Solution 2: Delete Contacts on iPhone with TunesGo  

To clear up contacts on iOS, the best way is to resort to a professional iOS delete contacts application. Here is the right one for you. TunesGo is specially designed to help you manage everything on your iPhone at ease. With its help, you are able to remove multiple contacts at once, which totally relieves you of this bothersome contacts removal. 

  Step 1  : Install TunesGo and Connect your device to PC

Firstly, please download and install TunesGo on your PC, then run it. After that, connect your iPhone to the PC via USB cable. Once connected, this program will immediately detect your device. If it works, you will find that data on your idevice are displayed.

  Step 2  : Start to Delete Contacts on iOS in batch

Click "Information > Contacts". If you have signed in some accounts on your iPhone, like iCloud, Yahoo! and Exchange, you'll see the contacts on these accounts in the Contacts category. Select the one that you want to delete. Then, in the contact management window on the right pane, choose your unwanted contacts or select all when you want to erase all contacts and then click "Delete". Then, this program begins to bulk remove contacts from iPhone. Please remember not to disconnect your iPhone with your PC before contacts removal process ends.

Congratulations! You've removed those unwanted contacts on iPhone successfully. Now you can quickly find your wanted contacts when dialing someone.

Just choose the one suitable for you. Btw, with TunesGo, you can not only delete iPhone contacts, but also edit iPhone contacts on your PC. Better still, you can export your iPhone contacts for backup or for printing with this software easily. Download TunesGo and let it help you manage your iPhone contacts.