How to Transfer iPhone Music to iTunes Easily

Still worried about how to transfering iPhone music to iTunes? In order to rebuilt you misic kingdom, please click in and read this article, it will tell you!


"I just new bought a iPhone 7 and would like to transfer my music collection from iPhone into iTunes library for backup, but I have no idea about how to restore my iPhone songs to iTunes in the event my system crashed for some unknown reasons I cannot grasp. As Apple has added limitations in the aspect of music copying for iTunes and iDevice, it's really a tough job for me to transfer my music from iPhone to iTunes."

I guess most of iPhone users has been caught in this problem. Now here in this article, out of safety and time saving, a mighty and handy software, TunesGo, is contributed to helping you out.

What is TunesGo? as the name implies, is designed to transfer media data from iPhone to iTunes professionally so that you can enjoy your songs everywhere. TunesGo provides direction to copy music between Device and iTunes, includign iOS and Android devices. Moreover, it also serves for backing up, deleting, converting and de-duplicate songs.

Now please follow the below step-by-step guide to transfer your iPhone music to iTune with free TunesGo.

   Step 1   Download TunesGo on your PC

First of all, please download and install this program. Then, connect iDevice to your PC to wait for the screen below.

    Step 2      Copy songs to iTunes 

- Switch all your music from a folder.

- Click "Copy Music from Device to iTunes" and "Start" to scan your music files with this program. After it, you can now be allowed to select the entire library in the following interface and then just press "Transfer" to start the transferring.

 Tip    If your device cannot save all the data, a pop-up window will come out to inform you. You can click "Selected playlists" to choose the very one you want to move.

Only Copy Selective Songs

Or, there is another way to transfer only one or more than one songs to iTunes. Go to the name of your device on the left sidebar to select " Music" under your device's name. Once the list of you songs displayed on the screen, you can now choose the files your wanna move and then hit on the "Export to iTunes Library".

    Step 3      Complete Exporting Music

The next interface will tell you whether the process is done. Once completed,tap the button"OK"

  Tip    Please note the button "Download" on the right bottom corner, you could know the copying process bar with it.

So this is TunesGo! an expert to manage your music consideratelly. And one thing deserves to be mentioned is that this app works with iTunes, so it is necessary to put iTunes app into your  PC or Mac. Please come on for a free try!