How to Transfer Music from iPad to Android Phone

Got tired of spending a whole day in front of computer on searching and trying the free solution and want to find an easier and convenient one to transfer your music from iPad to Android? TunesGo is all you need.


Store multiple songs on your iPad and can't wait to switch to your Android phone for enjoying on the go? 

When talking about transferrign iPad music, iTunes would unconsciously flash through your mind. However, iTunes can only copy and sync songs between iTunes and iOS other than Android. So, you need to go to the iTunes Library in your PC and copy the files to your Android. This method will cost you much time to complete, especially when the music files being huge. Here comes the best solution I recommend to you about How to transfer music from iPad to Android.

TunesGo, a music transfer tool breaking the barrier between iOS and Android, which enables you to transfer songs from iPad to other smartphone. This program supports most medels of phones and iPad. In the possession of TunesGo, transferring music from iPad to Android is just as easy as shooting fish in the barrel. Now follow the tutorial below to make it, and the whole process just take you few minutes, which really saves your life.

  How to Transfer Music from iPad to Android  

  Step 1  : Install TunesGo and Connect Both Devices

First of all, download and set up the program to your PC. After the installation, plug both your iPad and Android phone to the same PC. Once detected by TunesGo, the detailed information of both mobile devices can be read. Please make sure you have install iTunes previously before going ahead.

  Step 2  : Move iPad Music to Android

Now click "Music" in the iPad panel and all your songs on your iPad will be displayed in the interface. Then check the item you want to transfer and then click "Export" > "Export to XXX" (the name of your Android phone)". The transmission time always depends on the size of the files you transfer, so if it takes a long time to maintain the process, please keep patient and remember not to disconnect your devices.

  Step 3  : Check the Transferred Files

After the transferring, you can view the transmitted files on your target phone. Here we set Samsung one as an example. Go to "Media" > "Music" to check your songs.

That's it! The easy-to-use TunesGo previent you from wasting too much time sending large sized files. As a professional music manager, you can now transfer your iPad music to your Android phone with ease. The program is totally risk-free, so what are you waiting for, just download it and get a TunesGo to experience the amazing transmission.